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1st September 2014

10 Question Tag

1. What’s your name? Panda.
2. When’s your birthday? 31st January.
3. Where are you from? London, baby.
4. Have a crush? Do bishounen anime boys count? 
5. What’s your favourite colour? Green.
6. Write something in all caps? PRITT STICK.
7. Got a favourite band/artist? Right now, The Arctic Monkeys. It changes every week.
8. Favourite number? One thousand one hundred and eleven.
9. Favourite drink? Yorkshire tea.
10. Tag: ginaloveszero, izzatipanda, fat-cat948, cappymare, chibixlevi, biby-san, twinkysone, capn-mikoshiba, shippingkind, apotoxins

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31st August 2014

Anonymous asked: Panda-san! MakoHaru are my OTP and I didn't think it was possible to ship anyone else with Haru but Makoto but O M G YOUR HARUGOU FICS ARE A M A Z I N G WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME


Welcome to the dark side, my dear anon. 

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30th August 2014

Anonymous asked: Hi! I'm the one who asked about ASMR, and in response to your question, my biggest triggers are the roleplays. Much like everybody first ASMR experience (something that happened when we were young, and so weren't actively seeking it), there is something about the accidental nature of doing something normal, like being at the till to pay for clothes or getting treated by a kind, motherly nurse, that relax me and make me feel safe and sound. I recommend GentleWhispering's videos on YouTube. <3

Wow, that is really fascinating! image

Thank you for the recommendation, I will definitely check out their videos. I’ve been doing some reading into ASMR in my spare time ever since you mentioned it. As a psychology graduate, this sort of phenomenon interests me and I’m really surprised by the little current research on the topic. It would make a great thesis paper, right?

Thanks for your message, and I hope you’re well!

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29th August 2014

Anonymous asked: holy shit i can't believe this i can't even you are the most sensational writer the harugou fandom is so blessed

Actually, my sweet anon…

…I’m the blessed one for having such amazing readers.


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28th August 2014

toukoni asked: You have a twitter? What's your username on it? *p*

Sure do, my love!

It’s @fictionpanda and it’s not very interesting at all :)