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"Part-time author and procastinating student"

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23rd July 2014

Anonymous asked: What's your real name?

I’d rather not say, my dear anon! Sorry, it’s a privacy thing, I hope you can understand image 

No one calls me by my real name anyways – it’s French and double barrelled and difficult to pronounce…Panda-san will do just fine! 

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23rd July 2014

Anonymous asked: You know just scrolling down your blogs, I'm just discovering a bunch of interesting facts about you senpai. Panda-senpai is the most interesting senpai in the world.

Oh really? Interesting in a good way, I hope? Nevertheless, I am flattered. I’m really not that interesting a person in real life, so thank you, my love! image

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23rd July 2014

Anonymous asked: I wish there'd be more female characters in Free! Rei and Rin need some love :(

Well, they can always find love in each other…image (sorry, I ship RinRei so much, like don’t even touch me).

But I totally agree, my dear anon – I’m really hoping to see Aki Yazaki from the High Speed! novels make an appearance this season. We need some hot swimmer girls too!

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23rd July 2014

Anonymous asked: I can't believe someone asked you if you were homophobic! Even if people don't like yaoi, it doesn't mean that they're homophobic!

I know, my dear, it’s asks like those that make me wonder whether or not I’m a little too old for this website lol…

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22nd July 2014

Anonymous asked: wait a second, senpai...*looks closely at your desktop* don't tell me you attend one of the top twenty universities in the world?? Ugh, I cannot handle your perfection.

Um…that is correct! image It’s not that big a deal, though. I am no longer a student there – I’m actually graduating end of this month and I’m glad to be seeing the back of it!

Thanks for your message, dear!